Special Thanks

When it comes to creating a story and an adventure for readers, many times writers get the most credit for the work but the illustrators too deserve the credit. This page is dedicated to the illustrators and other people who have helped me get my stories finalized and available to read. Please check out their own indvidual website and spread the about these brilliantly gifted individuals.

Marika Ginko assisted me with the Big Bad Wolf story and her illustrations were a great help to show a different side to the classic story. Due to her great illustrations and creative mind, the wolf design has been used in another story where Tacyeon will appear in. Check out her work at http://facebook.com/akachanningen

Mieka Sawatzki is my one and only editor. She has helped me make sense of my writing for a while now and has started her own blog on wordpress. Thank you so much for the effort you have put in to my projects! If it weren’t for the distance I would be picking her brain everyday at Starbucks. Check her out here at: miekateacher.wordpress.com