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New Journey and Adventure!

Reading Pioneers is always considering new ways to help out children, parents, and teachers in regards to the English language. This website as well as our Library site, was intended to bridge the gap between parents not knowing how to help their children outside of a school setting, and children being given more opportunities to read and enjoy reading new books.

While I have been away from this site from time to time, I have decided to start a new journey with this site and expand my target audience and provide more resources to all of those interested in learning English. While new products, resources, and my own written stories will take time to complete, this page will get more love than it is use to. Below is my new endeavor to make this site the best~

*Every week there will be posts and links provided to help everyone find what they need, if it’s not available here of course on this site.
*Our Facebook page will also have weekly posts about reading and other English related topics.
*I will now be offering IELTS and TOEFL classes online through Skype. Students may sign up through our Library website and schedule an appointment with me to help prepare for your test.
*New products will be created related to resources on the stories being uploaded on Youtube. These will include vocabulary word lists, worksheets, book reports, and more. Yet another reason to visit our Library.
*The Reading Pioneers Youtube Channel will continue uploading two books a week but new videos will also be added including Monthly Reviews and Tips for Teachers.
*The Reading Pioneers Debate Channel will get two uploads a month from now on (every 2 weeks or so).

Don’t forget to also follow us on twitter to get updates and news first, before it gets uploaded^^


Thank you everyone for your support and allowing me this opportunity~

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