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TESL Theory

TESL Theory: The Input Hypothesis by Stephen Krashen

In this post, I hope to cover a major theory to language learning which is taught in all TESL programs. The Input Hypothesis will be explained and then simplified to […]

Lesson Plans

Although this post is guided for teachers, all readers are welcome to view and see how a lesson should be implemented with students. This post will focus on what is […]

Motivation: How to Break Through the Affective Filter

As a teacher, one of the most difficult tasks presented to us in a classroom is a child’s level of motivation. Now, you may ask what is the affective filter? […]

Teaching Vocabulary to Readers

We all remember having to memorize vocabulary words for the dreaded beginning of the week/end of the week vocabulary quizzes our English teachers used to give us when we were […]

Helpful Ways to Teach Reading

When it comes to wanting to help your child, student, or even friend improve their reading, it is important to understand there are many ways to do so. For the […]

10 Principles to Extensive Reading

10 Principles to Extensive Reading About 15 years ago, Richard Day and Julian Bamford published a book about a new way to teach reading. Extensive reading has been around much […]