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One-Minute Reading: Evaluating Reading Rates

When it comes to assessing a student’s reading abilities, tests are the most common form of evaluating their comprehension and understanding. While this is the mainstream method used in schools […]

Classroom Reading

I had recently presented at my company’s workshop on the topic about lesson planning and a question arose about how to plan reading in reading or literature class, or simply […]

Evaluating Reading Progress

If you are a student or teacher, it is important to evaluate the achievements students have made in reading. As we already discussed earlier in a different post, Goals are […]

Picture Walk Activity

Hello everyone, to start this week off I want to talk about a fun activity to do with a class of young and inexperienced readers. At times, when students are […]

Overview to Phonics: Helping Children Read

As a teacher, it is challenging to help some of my older students improve their reading abilities in English. They were not given proper guidance earlier in their English learning […]

10 Goals for Readers (Part 2/2)

Earlier, we mentioned five reading goals everybody should have when reading. Although these goals are not meant to be end-all-be-all, they should be considered when wanting to read text in […]

10 Goals for Readers (Part 1/2)

When learning a second language, we become very selfish and and apprehensive when having others help us learn. The process is usually slower than anything else we’ve learned and its […]

How to Create your own Extensive Reading Program

The Road Less Traveled Of course with new ways to redefine the way we should approach reading, there will be backlash and skepticism. Throughout the years, I have researched the […]

10 Principles to Extensive Reading

10 Principles to Extensive Reading About 15 years ago, Richard Day and Julian Bamford published a book about a new way to teach reading. Extensive reading has been around much […]

Useful Reading Strategies

Growing up, it seemed almost instinctive to read books, but at times books are read without being really understood. School programs have reward programs mean to help students read, but […]