Andrew GoringGreetings,

Welcome to Reading Pioneers! My name is Andrew Goring and I created this website to help bridge the reading gap for learners all over the world. I believe reading is an adventure, and with the correct tools and equipment the adventure could be breathtaking. I have been teaching ESL in South Korea and have focused my time on Extensive Reading, which is the idea that reading should be fun and stress free. With this concept, I started teaching with the desire to teach. Now, I believe learners need additional support outside of a classroom.

Reading Pioneers is dedicated to improving English education to your student. Our program provides an enriching and stress free environment for students to elevate their English education. We take pride in providing a nurturing environment for each student so they can become successful in whatever dreams they have. At Reading Pioneers, we are always striving to provide the best educational services and learning opportunities for our students. So, come visit us in Pyeongchon or feel free to register for our online courses to help make each reader a pioneer of English success.

Thanks for visiting!