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Andrew GoringGreetings,

Welcome to Reading Pioneers! My name is Andrew Goring and I created this website to help bridge the reading gap for learners all over the world. I believe reading is an adventure, and with the correct tools and equipment the adventure could be breathtaking. I have been teaching ESL in South Korea and have focused a lot of my time on Extensive Reading, which is the idea that reading should be fun and stress free. With this concept, I started teaching with the desire to teach. Now, I believe learners need additional support outside of a classroom.

I wanted to create authentic material for my students, something they would want to read and be interested in reading. With technology these days, having the ability to download files to read on hand-held devices is the new way to get people to have time to read what they want to read. From this grew the idea of making a site dedicated to all people involved with reading. Parents, teachers, students, children, adults, friends can each gain knowledge from this site to help themselves or others improve their reading in English. All the content can be downloaded or viewed on most devices which makes reading and learning more convenient for you.

With more support, we can turn this website into an international database of resources, research, uniquely made books and literature for the world to enjoy and truly experience the wonders of reading. If you are interested in adding your own content and want to share your stories and ideas, contact me at

Thanks for visiting!

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